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Manage your operations with the help of KleverKISAN and ensure effective usage of human resources so that you focus on your core business.

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Why KleverKISAN ?

Solid Supply Chain Management

End to End Operations handled through technology. Each stakeholder gets an app which ensures effective transfer of produce from the farmers to the end users/retailers via the aggregator

Transparent Operations

Tracking of each process or step will be available at your fingertips i.e., Pick up from Farmer to Collection Center and from Collection Center to user/retailer for the delivery which would eventually save time and cost.

Empowerment of Agriculture Sector

Aggregators can do business in a seamless manner and can expand to other areas with the help of robust technology. Aggregator can play an important role by having the data and live updates about the entire process.

Promoting Sustainable Employment

Local transport vendors can take part in the transportation of produce which will lead to sustainable employment. Since everything is managed through technology, anyone having a vehicle in that particular area can seamlessly be plugged into this ecosystem.

Farmer/Producer App

Onboarding of farmers can be done remotely through the app so that they can schedule their produce to be picked up.

User/Retailer App

Both users i.e End Users and Retailers price can get registered in the system so that they can place their orders through the App in the predefined time slots.

Driver/Transportation App

Receive pickup/delivery requests along with the product information as well as the route maps for seamless transportation of produce to the ultimate destination.

Route optimization tool

Highly optimized routes are created by taking all the parameters into account like capacity of the vehicle, destination, time taken to reach the destination, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use this platform?

This platform can be used by Middlemen or Aggregators who are working in the agriculture sector.

I am a small trader dealing with 2-3 products. Can KleverKISAN help us?

Yes of course, in fact through this platform you can increase your product categories by onboarding more farmers remotely and also add end users/retailers.

I want to start an agriculture business. How can KleverKISAN help me?

KleverKISAN helps you in your entire journey by providing a technology platform through which you can onboard farmers, users/retailers as well as set up a logistics ecosystem in your area. We can even train your team to use the platform for optimizing your business.

I have a small team of delivery boys but I am unable to utilize them to the maximum due to scattered orders from different areas. How can I utilize them to the maximum?

KleverKISAN has a system where you can enter the pin code as well as time slot and then an optimized delivery plan is created with the existing resources.

My orders are of different quantities coming from different areas. Can I get a tool where the system can suggest to me that the no. of orders to be served by a specific vehicle type with proper route optimization?

KleverKISAN has a route optimization tool. Once the admin verifies the orders received through the platform, the system optimizes the routes as per certain criteria like capacity of the vehicle, location of the user(farmer/end user) and time taken to pickup/deliver the product.

I am an agriculture entrepreneur. Can I outsource the transportation so that I focus on my core business?

Yes, you can do so. KleverKISAN also provides a logistics solution through which you can create your own infrastructure in collaboration with the local transport players. This model would create a supply chain delivery similar to the renowned food delivery model.

About Us

KleverKisan is a platform for the Aggregators in the Agriculture Sector. Any AGGREGATOR who deals with the farmers produce and sells them in the B2B/B2C market or to the end consumers directly can use this platform.

  • Streamlines the end to end operations.
  • Provides a technology platform to the farmers, AGGREGATOR and the end users(B2B/B2C).
  • Easily communicate with all the stakeholders involved.
  • Receive notifications regarding pickup/delivery of produce.

The whole process is automated but it also ensures effective usage of human resources yet creating another ecosystem of sustainable employment. This platform helps each stakeholder focus on his core strength. The platform even takes care of the transportation in association with local vendors.

  • Optimized routes are created for transfer of produce.
  • Robust Transport Management System.
  • Pickup and Delivery Tracking.
  • Build a Transport Ecosystem in collaboration with local vendors.


KleverKISAN's Management Team

Sanghamitra Pattanayak

Chief Executive Officer

Jajati Pattanayak


Ashish Gupta


Hanisha Vaswani



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KleverKISAN A venture by KleverMIND is a state-of-the-art, SaaS platform that empowers you to manage customer subscriptions and deliveries with unrivalled efficiency.

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